Nike slides will be your worst enemy

Nike’s solution to flip flops, the Nike Benassi slides will make you fall in love when you try them on, so much so that you will spend $30 on literally 2 pieces of foam. The foam may be well designed but for inexpensive, poor quality slides, I feel that Nike is taking advantage of their market. If you are interested in being controlled by marketing, these slides are available for purchase on Nike’s official website.


Not that there aren’t at least some redeeming qualities to Nike’s slides. As you can see in the picture above, the multiple little bumps give you lots of squishiness as well as help to distribute your weight evenly so as to not put pressure in a single area. This innovative design makes you feel both supported and like you’re walking on clouds, until, that is, you dare wear them to the beach. Use this simple formula: slides + sand = lots of scratches on the baby soft top part of your feet. Overall, I’d recommend this product to people who are either, a) very lazy, like to the extent where you don’t even have the energy to tie your shoes or b) the complete opposite: very athletic, busy people who are in a rush or need maximum relief in between activities, but who definitely aren’t planning on doing any serious walking.


To summarize, for the rest of us who do like to function, we’ll have to look elsewhere for comfy, versatile slides. However, for those who want the convenience of slides and the inconvenience of not actually being able to go anywhere in them, then Nike’s Benassi Slides are a good choice. I have one suggestion for those people though: to make sure that you aren’t torturing yourself with every step, you should always wear them with socks.



#1: The Meaning Behind My Name

Hey everyone!

What was I thinking? Well, “Just Debate It” means a few things to me, firstly it means that it’s just a debate–nothing more and most importantly it’s never my intention to offend anyone; it’s purely just debate. Secondly it’s a take on Nike’s “Just do it” slogan. While I admire the  slogan’s spontaneous, living-in-the-moment vibe, I wanted to make it more relevant to my life as I’m way more likely to be debating rather than playing sports. Finally the biggest reason as to why I chose it is because it’s a big part of my day-to-day life–I’m always arguing and talking about pressing issues. I hope I can transfer this in to part of what I write about as well.